The 7-Day Sleep Improvement Program

  • Finally Fall Asleep Faster
  • Stay Asleep Through The Night
  • Wake Up Feeling Refreshed, Rested, and Ready For The Day

In just seven short days

you’ll be empowered to take control of your insomnia and experience the life-changing benefits of deep, restorative sleep.

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Has Sleep Become A Rare Occurrence In Your Life?

❌ Do you find yourself staring at the ceiling long after the lights are out?

❌ Envy your partner who seems to fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow?

❌ Struggle with a mind that won’t quiet down, replaying the day’s events on repeat at 3 am?

❌ Wake up in the middle of the night and never catch sleep again?

The next day is a struggle

When sleep becomes this elusive, the impact spills over into every aspect of your life.

You wake up feeling foggy-headed, dragging your feet, and one minor inconvenience away from a complete meltdown.

This translates into mess-ups at work, snapping at loved ones, or just not feeling like yourself.

Science confirms what we all know…

…Poor sleep wreaks havoc on health. 

weakens the immune system,

zaps mood,

increases blood pressure,

contributes to weight gain.

Plus, forget about focusing and remembering things – those abilities vanish with each restless night

All psychiatric diseases and most physical ailments
are strictly related with the QQRT factor of sleep
Quantity + Quality + Regularity + Time

dr. Andrew Huberman – Neurobiologist

Your body and mind need a SOLID and QUALITY sleep to function properly!

But how do you even get there?

It’s based on both the latest science and the oldest traditions.
It’s fascinating to see how research keeps on validating the findings of ancient sages:

  • practices like Yoga Nidra have been rebranded with more scientific-looking names,
  • breathwork has finally found it’s place among the most powerful self-regulation techniques,
  • meditation has shown to an incredibly effective zero-cost tool
  • and don’t even get me started on physical exercise!

Scientific research ties everything together,
providing a systematic approach to the Science of Sleep.

This protocol is grounded in the work of experts such as
Matthew Walker, Andrew Huberman, and Mauro Zappaterra,
as well as masters like
Swami Satyananda, Swami Veda Bharati, Richard Miller Ph.D., and Nischala Joy Devi.

  • No! This program is entirely behavior-based,
  • I will give you short daily practices
    to improve the quality of your sleep!
  • No pills, no supplements, no drugs!
  • The program is designed to show results in just 7 days, though you will have lifetime access to the materials to continue improving your sleep.
  • Absolutely! You can follow this program regardless of your wake-up or bed-time schedule. The plan is flexible and can be tailored to suit any routine.
  • You can enroll by clicking the “CHOOSE YOUR PRICE” button on the page and following the instructions to complete your purchase.
  • For this limited-time offer, we accept any amount between $1 and $99.99. Your generosity helps us continue offering this valuable program to others.
  • Yes, we offer a refund policy. If you have followed the full 7-day schedule and haven’t seen any improvement, you can request a full refund within 15 days of your purchase.
  • Just shoot us an email at We believe in the effectiveness of our program and want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience.
  • Yes, but it’s very flexible. Typically, you’ll have one short exercise in the morning, a quick listening practice before lunchtime, and an evening exercise. On your days off, we’ll intensify the practice a bit.
  • We’ve also included a sleep tracker that you can fill out daily. While it’s not mandatory, it will definitely help you analyze your progress and see improvements over time.
  • Changing your patterns requires some effort, but we’ve designed the program to fit even the busiest schedules – kids included!

This self-paced program is designed to tackle the source of your insomnia, help create a sleep-promoting mindset,
and transition smoothly into an uninterrupted, restful sleep state. 

In just 7 days (yes, really!), you’ll reprogram your disturbed sleeping patterns.


Discover how to train your brain to reach the delta wave (deep unconsciousness) state for physical healing and regeneration.


Learn to quiet the constant chatter in your head and switch off the racing thoughts that keep you up at night.


Develop a healthy perspective on sleep, replacing negative beliefs with powerful and positive patterns, naturally inviting restful nights. 


How to activate your body’s relaxation response and become more in tune with your nervous system’s signals.


Understand how your routine choices, including unhealthy diet, lack of movement, and excessive screen time, disrupt your sleep cycle.


Explore simple adjustments for a sleep-supportive lifestyle that can dramatically boost your energy levels, concentration, and overall well-being, all starting with day one.


Uncover a toolbox of advanced relaxation techniques that will melt away your worries and effortlessly lull you into a peaceful slumber. 


Identify and manage underlying stress, fears, and anxiety – the silent saboteurs that can creep in at night and keep you wide awake.

This Program Is For You If…

  • You constantly feel like you’re playing catch-up on sleep, never quite reaching a full night’s rest.
  • Waking up in the night is no surprise, followed by a battle to fall back asleep.
  • Sleep aids have become your nightly ritual just to get a wink of sleep.
  • Mornings greet you with fatigue, irritability, and little to no consciousness as if you never closed your eyes. 
  • Sleep deprivation symptoms like fuzziness, low energy, and weakened immunity are taking a toll on your well-being.
  • And the worst part? This life-draining sleep struggle is starting to feel a bit normal for you…like there’s no escape.
sleep improvement

What’s Included In This
7-Day Sleep Improvement Program

30+ bite-sized video lessons packed with actionable guidance to address the root cause of your insomnia and develop a healthy relationship with sleep.

A collection of relaxation, breathwork, and physical exercises to quiet your mind, heal your internal rhythms, and prepare your body for sleep.

Guided meditation practices that nurture inner peace and mindfulness to overcome nighttime worries.

Expert instructions and strategies on establishing consistent sleep and wake times, enhancing your sleep environment, and incorporating a healthy diet that encourages sleep. 

Little-known sleep theory that explains the science behind it all and how to optimize your sleep cycle.

Sleep-tracker sheet to get a grip on your patterns and progress.

Lifetime Access so you can keep these tools at your fingertips and benefit from them whenever. 

How People Feel About This Program

“I was able to appreciate his preparation, his positive energy, and above all his great humility and empathy”

I met Daniele during a workshop in Catania. I liked that experience so much that I invited it to be repeated for my students, colleagues, and friends. And so twice I was able to appreciate his preparation, his positive energy, and above all his great humility and empathy.


Yoga Teacher

“Transmitting everything with love and passion”

I got to know Daniele during one of his seminars where I was very impressed and fascinated by his way of teaching and transmitting everything he has learned with love and passion


Yoga Teacher

“a unique and wonderful journey through one’s body for an immeasurable spiritual and energetic awakening…”

As an unaware and pagan of yoga, I participated in Daniele’s workshop in Bologna and I can only admit that it is a unique and wonderful journey through one’s body for an immeasurable spiritual and energetic awakening… attentive… concentrated… targeted … #morethannecessary


Music Therapist

“I was deeply impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness”

I participated in a workshop with Daniele at the Isvara Yoga Studio in Bologna and I was deeply impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and friendliness.


Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

“…he expertly guided us into a state of deep relaxation, a truly fantastic and restorative experience”

I attended a workshop by Daniele at the Isvara Yoga studio in Bologna.
He held a very interesting lesson on yogic anatomy in which he was able to explain complex concepts promptly, making them accessible even to those like me who are just entering the vast world of yogic tradition. Afterward, we practiced yoga nidra and he expertly guided us into a state of deep relaxation, a truly fantastic and restorative experience.



“a practice tailored to needs/wants”

Fantastic yoga instructor! He was able to recognise strengths and weaknesses and create a practice tailored to needs/wants within our class. I really feel like I improved a lot. We were very lucky to have him as our instructor for almost a year and were very sad when we had to do our last class (as we were moving…)


yogamut testimonials

“between physical practice, theoretical talks, relaxation, breathing, meditation, sounds… it was a real surprise!!”

I participated in the two-day workshop that Daniele Giannotta held in Catania last weekend. Honestly, I approached out of curiosity even if I was a little skeptical about some aspects…what can I say, I was very impressed by Daniele’s freshness and contagious positive energy, which made the time fly by. Lots of stuff to explore together, new paths… Between physical practice, theoretical talks, relaxation, breathing, meditation, sounds… it was a real surprise!! It contains all the energy that Daniele cultivates while traveling the world on his two wheels…  There are infinite possibilities of feeling good and infinite things that we can be lucky enough to encounter and taste! Don’t miss the opportunity to give yourself time, time for yourself 🙏 heartfelt thanks to Daniele…


Iyengar yoga expert

“I derived considerable physical and mental benefits”

I practiced with Daniele during a two-day workshop and it was a very formative, humanly unique experience from which I derived considerable physical and mental benefits. The teacher is very clear in his presentation and is a person with a positive and overwhelming energy. Highly recommended ❤


Photographer / Yoga Practitioner

“Great instructor and person!!”

I’m so grateful to have met and practiced yoga with Daniel. He provided a welcoming space for all and his yoga sequences were thoughtful and always just what I needed. Great instructor and person !!



Stop Letting Insomnia Ruin Your Days (and Nights)!

without action, nothing changes

Daisaku Ikeda – Buddhist Philosopher

❌ Sleeplessness will continue to drain the life out of you,
sapping your energy, clouding your mind, and weakening your body.

👉 Commit to just 7 days of focused work with this self-led program;
by the end of the 7th day, you will experience a productive shift in your sleep quality. 

🔥 A good night’s sleep means a healthy and functioning body
that performs at its best in all areas of life. 

Enroll today and start sleeping soundly by next week!

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A Bite Of The Science Behind This Course

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Take A Sneak Peek At The Program!

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Why Should You Trust Me

Because I’ve been there!

12 years of chronic insomnia, anxiety, and stress burn-out.

And now I’m my best self! Running multiple businesses, in my best shape ever, living the life I always wanted, challenging my comfort zone every day!

In the last 10 years, I’ve been traveling worldwide to learn traditional and modern wellness science from the best teachers while helping hundreds of people through my workshops and private sessions.


$89,99 ————> $34,99