yoga retreats sicily

Yoga Retreats In Sicily – A Selection Of The Best Holistic Getaways in 2024

yoga retreats sicily

An expert selection of the best Yoga Retreats in Sicily for 2024 – Your gateway to holistic well-being. Rejuvenating yoga sessions in Sicily’s serene landscapes

As a yoga retreat leader and Sicilian myself, I love seeing my beloved island getting more traction in the yoga retreat scene.

Sicily is really a fantastic location for holistic and wellness retreats, with great weather all-year-round, some of the best food in the world (yes, even vegetarian and vegan!), and breathtaking landscapes, such as the powerful volcano of Etna.

In this article, I’ve selected for you a few of the best yoga retreats in Sicily for 2024, have a look and let me know your thoughts!

Why Sicily for a Yoga Retreat

So, welcome to the sun-kissed island of Sicily, where the gentle whispers of the Mediterranean breeze meet the transformative practice of yoga.

In this enchanting corner of Italy, surrounded by azure waters and ancient landscapes, a sanctuary for wellness seekers awaits.

Join us as we delve into the heart of Sicily’s serene retreats, each a haven for those seeking to harmonize mind, body, and soul.

From secluded coastal escapes to rustic mountain retreats, Sicily offers a tapestry of yoga experiences that go beyond the ordinary, inviting you to discover tranquility amidst the island’s timeless beauty. Let’s explore the best yoga retreats Sicily has to offer, where every breath is a step closer to rejuvenation.

5 Best Sicily Yoga Retreats in 2024

Sacred Summits: 6-Day Himalayan Yoga retreat on Mt. Etna, Randazzo (Catania)

Tucked away in the embrace of Eastern Sicily, this retreat offers a unique blend of luxury, natural beauty, and holistic wellness that sets it apart from the rest.

Picture yourself amidst the serene foothills of Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, where Sacred Summits finds its home. Here, the air is crisp, carrying whispers of ancient traditions and the promise of renewal.

Led by seasoned yoga instructors Daniele and Elena, whose journey spans 60+ countries, participants are invited to embark on a transformative exploration of body, mind, and spirit.

The daily rhythm at Sacred Summits is a symphony of mindful practices and soulful connections. Mornings greet with gentle yoga sessions, where the rising sun paints the sky in hues of gold and pink.

As the day unfolds, opportunities for exploration abound. Hike through a megalithic plateau, meditate on a dried lava stream, discover hidden gems in medieval villages, or simply bask in the warmth of Sicilian hospitality. Nourish body and soul with farm-to-table meals, savoring the flavors of locally sourced ingredients that reflect the island’s rich culinary heritage.

Guided meditations invite introspection, while shared stories and laughter forge bonds that transcend language and culture. Here, amidst kindred spirits, participants find the space to unravel, to heal, to simply be.

At Sacred Summits, yoga is more than just a practice; it is a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Through asana, meditation, and breathwork, participants unearth the wisdom that resides within, finding strength, clarity, and purpose amidst the chaos of modern life.

In a world filled with noise and distraction, Sacred Summits offers a sanctuary—a haven of peace and possibility. For those seeking to reconnect with themselves and the world around them, this retreat stands as a beacon of hope—a reminder that amidst the chaos, serenity awaits.

8 Day Sailing and Yoga Holiday in Sicily

yoga sailing-retreat-sicily

The 8-day Sailing and Yoga Holiday in Sicily unfolds a unique fusion of maritime exploration and holistic well-being. Hosted aboard the catamaran Lagoon 42, the retreat invites participants to navigate the Aeolian Islands, a cluster of natural wonders off the Sicilian coast.

Led by the seasoned yoga instructor, Sandrine Kamhi, each day commences with meditation and yoga sessions against the backdrop of diverse landscapes, ranging from volcanic terrains in Vulcano to the serene shores of Filicudi.

Throughout the journey, participants indulge in the tranquility of the open sea, two daily vegan meals curated by the onboard hostess, and the freedom to explore each island destination. The retreat caters to all levels of yoga enthusiasts, promising a harmonious blend of sailing, self-discovery, and the natural beauty of Sicily’s coastal gems.

La Dolce Vita: Yoga and Kite Camp in Marsala

kitesurfing camp retreat sicily stagnone

Explore the beauty of Sicily with SicilyKiteHoliday’s “La Dolce Vita Kite Camp with Yoga.” Nestled in Lo Stagnone’s kitesurfing haven, this camp combines thrilling kitesurfing lessons led by IKO-certified instructors with daily yoga sessions at Oasi Guzzetta’s coastal retreat.

Enjoy modern amenities, a saltwater pool, and breathtaking sunset views over the Aegadian Islands.

The program includes climbing excursions, a sailing tour to Aegadian Islands, Erice exploration, and Sicilian dinners.

With packages for all skill levels, participants receive IKO certification, ensuring a fulfilling experience. Immerse yourself in Sicily’s wonders, blending adventure and relaxation in this unique kite camp.

7 Day Rebirth Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Sicily

Kundalini yoga retreat sicily

A transformative 7-day Sicily yoga retreat, the Kundalini Retreat Italy invites participants to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of La Masseria, a 19th-century farmhouse nestled amidst 80 acres of lush landscapes.

Led by experienced Kundalini yoga teacher Ashley Jones, the retreat balances dynamic daily practices with ample free time for massages, exploration, or poolside relaxation.

With accommodation in 15 charming double bedrooms featuring Egyptian cotton sheets and Wi-Fi, attendees can indulge in the healing power of yoga while enjoying Sicily’s wonders.

From morning yoga to sunset terrace sessions, this retreat caters to all levels, fostering growth on and off the mat.

Yoga Escapes – Sicily Yoga Retreats in Syracuse

7-day yoga retreat in Italy, held at the luxurious 5-star Grand Hotel Minareto. Set against the backdrop of Siracusa, one of Italy’s most beautiful towns, this retreat promises a perfect blend of yoga, relaxation, and exploration.

Highlights include twice-daily yoga sessions by the sea, sumptuous Italian cuisine, a private beach, and the opportunity to discover the charms of Siracusa and nearby baroque towns. Unwind at the spa, indulge in wine tasting, and explore archaeological sites or pristine beaches. With no rigid rules, the retreat caters to all levels and encourages individual preferences.

Accommodations range from seaview to garden-view rooms at different price points.

Retreat Venues in Sicily

Are you looking for a venue to organize your own yoga retreat in Sicily? Here are my favourite yoga centers that can host a minimum of 15 guests.

Femminamorta – Catania/Giarre

A refurbished old country house on the Ionian shores at the foothills of the most active volcano in Europe, the magnificent Mt. Etna. Swimming pool, big garden, chef on site, and a huge Yoga Hall.

Zen Sicily – Rosolini

Near the remote South-Eastern corner of the island, this yoga retreat venue is located in proximity of some of the best beaches in Sicily. Two yoga shala, swimming pool, and a beautiful sunny garden with olive trees.

Danena – Rosolini

A luxury retreat venue in the stunning countryside of Ragusa. A great all inclusive option for those who want the best and don’t mind spending a little more to give guests the best experience and comforts.

Sicilian Spirit – Petralia Soprana

Nestled in the Madonie mountain park, near Gangi and Cefalù, Sicilian Spirit offers yoga retreats in a beautifully restored 17th-century “Masseria.” Set at 650 meters above sea level in a 25-hectare park, explore secret paths, ancient oak forests, and an 18th-century labyrinth garden.

Meditate on the terrace overlooking mountains, stroll along the private river, or relax by the infinity pool. With 14 double rooms, an indoor yoga room, three lounges, a massage area, and an organic farm restaurant, our retreat center accommodates up to 28 guests.

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