Sicily Yoga Retreat Sacred Summits

Sacred Summits – Yoga & Personal Growth Retreat on Mt. Etna, Sicily [14-19 October, 2024]

Sacred Summits – Yoga & Personal Growth Retreat on Mt. Etna, Sicily [14-19 October, 2024]

🌟 Do You Need a Breakthrough? How about harnessing the power of a Volcano? Come for 6 Energizing days in SICILY, on Mt. Etna!

💔 Have you ever felt stuck, burned-out, stressed, overwhelmed by anxiety, insecurities, bad sleep, or the monotony of negative thought patterns and habits? 

🤗 We understand, and you’re not alone – we’ve been there before making it through, 10 years ago, when we began crafting the best life for us.

🌈 Imagine a solution that not only addresses your current challenges but empowers you to transcend them. What if this solution could transform your life?

🙌 Join us at Sacred Summits – at the top of the most powerful volcano in Europe – and together, we’ll explore ancient Himalayan techniques, conquer fears, and cultivate a mindset that breeds success – embraced by the sublime mightiness of the Sicilian Landscape

🧬 All the techniques we’ll learn and practice have been scientifically tested and proven to be 100% effective!

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Let’s learn how to:

🔥 Overcome Fear

🔥 Defeat Insecurities And Anxiety Learn to Relax

🔥 Improve Sleep

🔥 Manage Stress

🔥 Expand Your Comfort Zone 

🔥 Improve Mind/Body/Breath Connection 

🔥 Overcome Trauma

🔥 Find Purpose

🔥 Work Towards Real Freedom

Let the energy of the ancient Himalayan techniques liberate you from the shackles of limiting beliefs, repetitive behaviors, unhealthy thought patterns, and negative habits that breed stagnation.

Learn and bring with you scientifically proven techniques to earn mastery over your nervous system, vitality, and positive thinking.

Set the stage for the manifestation of a new life of sustainable wellness and health.


🌟Guided by Visionaries🌟

From a life of dullness Daniele and Elena stepped out of their comfort zone, conquered their fears and traumas and crafted a dream life, Let them help you uplift your own unique journey.

🌟Yoga and Tantric Wisdom🌟

Immerse in transformative practices from the Himalayas, featuring kundalini kriya, breathwork, conscious sleep, Nada Yoga, and more, Unlock your dormant potential for healing and self-discovery.

🌟Nature’s Mighty Power🌟

Absorb breathtaking views of Mt. Etna, one of the most dynamic volcanoes on this Earth, sinking into the majesty of a land where fire meets earth air, water, and space.

🌟Primal Connection🌟

Trek to the Megaliths of Argimusco, Sicily’s stonehenge, a celestial calendar and sacred site, revealing the mysteries of ancient wisdom.

🌟Culinary Treats🌟

Indulge in Sicilian cuisine and reap the benefits of Mediterranean diet, promoting longevity while delighting our senses

🌟Superb Hospitality🌟

Luxuriate in rural charm at Etna Quota 1000, where traditional ambiance meets modern comfort, with an inviting large swimming pool.


Sacred Summits Sicily Retreat 2024

Sicily retreat

DAY 1 – Overcome fear

  • 13:00
    meets and greets at the collection point in Catania
  • 14:30
    arrival at the venue
  • 16:00
    ROOT TO RISE – a yoga workshop for deep grounding
  • 18:00
    Fire Ceremony, and Welcome Circle
  • 20:00
    fulfilling dinner
  • 21:00
    a game practice for profound connection

DAY 2 – Relax and let go

  •  7:00
    morning asana practice. meditation, and breathwork
  • 8:30
    HUES OF UNITY: Colourful Opening Ceremony
  • 10:00
    brunch and free time
  • 13:00
    satsang (talk about the pranic body) + fruit/snack
  • 14:00 
    CALMING THE SENSES – Himalayan practice for autonomic nervous system
  • 16:00
    yoga nidra systematic relaxation
  • 17:00
    free time
  • 19:30
    delightful dinner
  • 20:30
    sound healing bath

DAY 3 – Expand your comfort zone

  • 6:45
    morning asana practice, and breathwork
  • 8:00 
  • 9:00
    hike on the lava stream + meditation + satsang + snack
  • 14:00
    return and free time
  • 16:30
    THE FIRE WITHIN – MANIFESTING YOUR WILLPOWER – workshop for the navel center
  • 18:30
    your time
  • 20:00
    nutritious dinner and mudra meditation

DAY 4 – Heal Trauma

  • 6:45 
    HEART BLOSSOMS – a workshop to forgive ourselves and the universe
  • 10:00
    satsang (talk about the mental/emotional body) + fruit/snack
  • 14:00
    kriya yoga for the hearth chakra
  • 16:00
    cosmic love yoga nidra
  • 17:00
    walk to Randazzo
  • 19:30
    delightful dinner in Randazzo

DAY 5 – Find Purpose

  • 6:45
    morning asana practice, and breathwork
  • 8:00
  • 9:00
    trip to the Argimusco Megaliths + meditation, satsang, and snack
  • 15:00
    return and free time
  • 16:30
    ECHOES OF WISDOM-  a tantric practice to tune into our intuition
  • 18:30
    your time
  • 20:00
    nutritious dinner
  • 21:30
  • live trascendental music + ecstatic dance

DAY 6 – Achieve Freedom

  • 6:45
    THE BLISS OF THE PRESENT MOMENT final yoga practice
  • 9:15
    REBIRTH: goodbye ceremony
  • 10:00
    brunch and farewell

🏰 THE VENUE: Etna Quota 1000 🏰

Nestled on the northwestern slopes of Mount Etna, surrounded by extensive lava flows and a unique world-class landscape, Etna Quota Mille is a charming rural tourism estate.

The core of this 19th-century Sicilian farmhouse has been meticulously restored using environmentally conscious materials

such as lava stone, terracotta bricks, and chestnut wood beams.

🌲 Immersed In Nature

The estate seamlessly blends into the natural surroundings of the Etna countryside, with its distinctive lava flows, reachable on a morning walk, and the lush landscapes of Nebrodi. The result is an enchanting ambiance, enhanced by the meticulously maintained green spaces, ensuring guests a haven of relaxation.

❣️ In the Heart of the Territory

Situated on the heights of Randazzo, Etna Quota Mille is embraced by three protected areas (Etna, Nebrodi, and Alcantara), just 30- minutes walk from the medieval city. An ideal location to easily reach the eastern coast of Sicily with the splendid Taormina and the northern coast with the Aeolian Islands

🏊 Panoramic Pool Views & Nineteenth-Century Palmento

From the expansive pool area, guests enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Mount Etna, Europe’s most significant volcano. Adjacent to the hydro-massage pool is a spacious and charming restaurant built within a monumental nineteenth-century palmento (wine press).

😋 Sicilian Food traditional mediterranean delights

The Sacred Summit Retreat at Etna Quota Mille is not just a journey for the soul but also a celebration of the senses through traditional, genuine, and high-quality Sicilian cuisine.

Immerse yourself in the essence of the Mediterranean diet, where every dish is a symphony of flavors crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from the rich soils between Etna and Nebrodi.

From homemade pasta adorned with pistachios or porcini mushrooms, to local meats and the palate-pleasing experience of our vegetarian mains. Each meal a journey through the land of bounty, from the delectable antipasti to the wide selection of world-renowned desserts, a delicious testament to Sicilian sweetness,

A real explosion of tastes Etna Quota Mille’s culinary offerings are a feast for the senses, sure to awaken your inner fire.

🧘‍♀️ WORKSHOPS 🧘‍♀️

Our workshops are an harmonious blend of traditional techniques from the Himalayan Yoga lineage, incorporating breathwork, physical postures and gestures, concentration, visualisation, deep relaxation, and vibration. 

During the course of Sacred Summits, we will get in touch with all the different aspects of our being,and learn several easy practices that you can used at home to self-regulate your nervous system.

🔥 ROOT TO RAISE – set strong grounding fundations

🔥 CALMING THE SENSES – free yourself from negative impuleses

🔥 THE FIRE WITHIN – manifest your willpower to achieve your goals

🔥 HEARTH BLOSSOMS – cosmic love – forgiving yourself & the universe

🔥 ECHOES OF WISDOM – tune into your inner intuition

🔥 BLISS OF THE PRESENT MOMENT – surf the waves of life



the transfer to the venue is a scenic journey itself, experience the west flanks of mt. Etna, passing on ancient and new lava streams, and soaking in spectacular views of the Sicilian East Coast, all the way to Taormina


starting our walk straight from the venue, we’ll immerse in the lunar landscapes of Etna, stepping directly on solidified magma and enjoying the gorgeous views of the Nebrodi


a night out strolling through the suggestive alleys of the most beautiful town on the Etna


a mystery lost in the deepts of Sicilian ancestral history, the Argimusco features mesmerising rock formation. A mirror of the human nature and the universe itself, preserving the knowledge of our ancestors. From this magical place, we can admire the sight of the Eolian Islands


  • transfer from Catania
  • 5 nights rural luxury accommodation 4 dinners/5 brunches
  • daily erbal tea, fruit, and snacks 
  • hike to the lava stream 
  • excursion to the argimusco megaliths walk to Randazzo
  • 6 yoga workshops
  • 4 himalayan yoga classes
  • 4 yoga nidra sessions
  • sound healing
  • three ceremonies
  • live music event
  • pool, hydromassage, and solarium
  • full body massage 
  • yoga mats and props
  • Italian translator
  • ongoing support via private FB forum
  • one-week nervous system balance video program exsercise book


  • flight to Catania
  • final transfer to your next destination
  • one dinner in Randazzo
  • alcohol


sharing is caring – €1699
(shared double/triple/or quadruple room)

shared intimacy – €1899
(couples sharing a double room, or queen bed in shared room)

private luxury – €2,299
(single occupancy private room)

early bird song of joy – 10% DISCOUNT
if booking before April 30th, 2024 (only 10 spots available)

📢 payment in installments plans available!

Bookings and reservations – +39 3780876929

deposit: €499

To discuss room options and availability please book in a 1:1 discovery call with your host Daniele who will answer all your questions (use the link below)


Elena and Daniele, partners on a journey of love spanning 16 years, have been pedalling across the planet since 2014, Each of the 60+ countries they waved through gifting them profound insights from diverse cultures and the embrace of nature’s wisdom


born in Catania in 1982, Daniele’s quest for spiritual exploration began at an early age. Raised in a rasta family amidst 80s Sicily’s Catholic context, as a teen he delved into mystical

texts, practiced karate, and explored meditation

His 20s were marked by a deep dive into the ritual aspects of music, through ethnomusicology, and radical improvisation. Living his 30s in Asia and Africa, he mingled into diverse spiritual traditions

As a 500 RYS certified yoga teacher, he now shares his knowledge through retreats, workshops, and classes, integrating into his teachings the wisdom gained from accomplished yogis, direct disciples of B.K.S. Iyengar, Swami Veda Bharati, Swami Satyananda, Richard Miller PhD


Bologna in 1984, Elena has always been a force of nature and an independent thinker. Paving her own path, she adopted a vegetarian lifestyle at the age of 12 and embraced hard work from her school days.

After earning her bachelor in human rights and cultures she steeped in the wisdom of self-discovery, delving into the practice of hatha yoga for numerous years.

Elena’s journey took a transformative turn as she embarked on a 10-year cycling odyssey around the world. Living in China and Malawi, she embraced diverse cultures, faced adversity head- on, and emerged from each experience stronger than before.

Her transformative journey reached its zenith in India, where she obtained her teacher training certificate, solidifying her commitment to the ancient art of yoga.